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More on Sentieo

The Tip of the Night for December 28, 2018, discussed Sentieo - software designed to facilitate the review of SEC filings. Recently a Sentieo rep gave me a demonstration of Sentieo. Here are some graphics giving a closer look at its features.

Sentieo allows you to pull tables from multiple SEC filings and compare them side by side.

As mentioned in the previous post, Sentieo will provide you with formatted versions of tables in SEC filings, and export their data to Excel. The same data points from tables common to multiple filings can be pulled for the user to analyze. So in this example we see that net sales and operating income figures can be extracted from tables in 10-K and 10-Q filings from several different years. There's no need to download PDFs or text files from EDGAR; have someone search through them for the relevant information; and then parse out the data in a spreadsheet.

Sentieo's Plotter can be used to visualize the data.

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