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Pivot Table Slicers

Slicers are an option for Excel pivot tables which allows you to use CTRL and SHIFT to select multiple options. If you have created multiple pivot tables on a worksheet you can use a slicer to apply filters to all of the tables at once.

To add a slicer, select any cell in the first pivot table. On the PivotTable Tools 'Analyze' tab select 'Insert Slicer' in the Filter group. Choose the field you want to filter by. A new box will appear that will allow you to select the entries you want to show in the pivot table.

To add the slicer to the second pivot table, select the Slicer itself. A new menu will open, 'Slicer Tools'. Under Options, click 'Report Connections' on the far left. You'll have the option to check off the second pivot table.

After you click OK the slicer setting will be applied to both pivot tables.

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