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Slack is a collaboration tool introduced in 2013, which has become widely adopted in the business world. Its purpose is to replace email messages sent between one or more recipients with message boards or chatrooms devoted to a particular subject. Participants can log into Slack and review all of the messages and documents relevant to a project. Messages can be read by anyone invited into a group, but private channels can also be established. Slack has reported that in 2018 more than 8 million users work its platform each day.

There has been a tendency for organizations to share Slack boards with outside parties and hence utilize the platform as a form of social media, in a closed group. As noted on the Relativity blog, its professionals send more Slack messages than they do emails.

Slack's standard export tool will only export public messages. It generates a JSON file for each day.

Slack stands for 'Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge'.

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