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Peter W. Martin's Legal Citation Guide

Peter W. Martin's legal citation guide, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation, has been posted to the web site of Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute. The guide was revised in December 2017. Martin's guide takes into consideration the rules of not only the Bluebook but several other citation reference manuals. Most paralegals still work with hard copy Bluebooks, so it's great to have easy access to a searchable guide with a hyperlinked table of contents and index.

It includes a cross reference guide between its sections and those of the Bluebook. The headings for sections in Martin's guide include links to the cross reference table for Bluebook and the Association of Legal Writing Directors Guide to Legal Citation, and direct links to corresponding sections of the Indigo Book: A Manual of Legal Citation.

One of the key benefits of the guide its detailing of when the rules for citations differ between various citation guides and court rules. Sample documents are included which show how citations should appear in documents filed in particular jurisdictions.

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