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Florida CLE Tech Requirement

In 2016, the Supreme Court of the State of Florida changed the rules for the Florida Bar to require that attorneys admitted to practice take three hours of Continuing Legal Education in technology programs. Opinion No. SC16-574, In re: Amendments to Rules Regulating he Florida Bar 4-1.1 and 6-10.3 requires that 3 of an attorney's 33 required CLE hours every three years be in an approved technology program. The rule specifies that the courses are to be in both on, "the benefits and risks associated with the use of technology".

The Florida Bar lists 19 CLE courses which include at least one credit to the technology requirement. One or more Technology CLE credits can be acquired for courses on Ethics; Local Government Law; Intellectual Property; Criminal Law and other subjects. Interestingly Technology CLE credits are awarded for only four classes which appear to specifically focus on tech issues:

Artificial Intelligence & Technology are Impacting the Practice of Law​ Master Class on Telemedicine

OOSD Tech and Ethics: Data Security for Attorney

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey Stuff: Practice Management Software and Apps, Ethical Concerns of Using Them on Smartphones and Laptops, and Maximizing Productivity with an Emphasis on Cyber Security in Law Firms

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