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ACEDS - eDiscovery Executive Certificate

Earlier this month, ACEDS announced a new program, the eDiscovery Executive Certificate. The description given on the ACEDS site, is not entirely clear about the nature of this program. The word, 'executive' makes it appear as though it may be a program for an advanced e-discovery specialist - a more rigorous review of an individual's qualifications than ACEDS's Certified E-Discovery Specialist program.

I called ACEDS today and confirmed that his program is actually a scaled down version of the main CEDS program. It covers less material, and should be easier for a legal professional to pass. I was specifically told that ACEDS does not recommend that current Certified eDiscovery Specialists take this exam.

The executive program includes a series of lectures, covering trial techology, forensics, AI, and social media. CLE credit is available for several states.

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