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Review of iConect XERA Electronic Discovery Platform

You can get a free 60 day trial version of iConect's XERA electronic discovery platform here. The platform is pre-loaded with documents related to the assassination of President Kennedy. iConect XERA has a very basic layout . .

. . but it does give you ability to navigate through a large document set and filter and sort through metadata associated with the documents . . .

. . .and perform advanced searching.

The search form is structured to remind the user to run searches on keyword variations.

Another distinctive feature of the platform (absent in Concordance or Relativity) is that the default layout gives a list of documents which either have the same date or the same name as the current document.

This encourages a reviewer to consider related documents which don't fall within the results of keyword search. The user can select documents from these lists and compare them to the document being viewed.

iConect XERA's design does not make it appear to be the most advanced document review platform but it does include useful features not available in Concordance or all Relativity workspaces that can facilitate document review.

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