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EDI Mapping Software

Etasoft's XTranslator can map Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) X12 files and assist you with parsing through the complex data codes. A trial version of the software is available.

See this example of an EDI file in 830 format.

In XTranslator we can select from any one of hundreds of EDI templates. Go to Tools . . .Template Wizard. For this example scroll down to the x12_3050 menu. The templates show us that the 830 EDI code is for a planning schedule. Import the template.

On the Properties tab in the Processing section, enter the path to the text file containing the EDI code that you want to review.

Press play on the toolbar. The fields in the EDI file will be loaded in the tree. Select any one field and click on the Data tab on the right to view the content.

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