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Converting from EDRM XML to Lexis .dat / .csv Format

As noted in the Tip of the Night for May 28, 2015, the EDRM recommends the use of an XML standard load file. While we're waiting for the entire electronic discovery world to adopt the EDRM XML files, it may still be necessary to convert these files to the .dat or .csv format used by databases like Lexis Concordance.

A sample of the EDRM xml loan file is posted here. As noted here, the Lexis load file is a simple load file with delimiters such as a pipe |. One might feel somewhat hesitant about using an online converter, like this one from Cool Utils. Instead try the Advance XML Converter available here.

If we start with an .xml file like this one:

. . . using Advanced XML Converter we can go to File . . . Convert files from folder. . . and select one or multiple .xml files to merge and convert them into .csv, .xls, .html; .sql; or .dbf files.

The end result will have the data separated with delimiters that can then easily be analyzed in Excel.

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