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Lumen: Database of Cease and Desist Notices

If you're looking for help responding to a cease and desist notice requesting the removal of information posted to the internet, consider consulting the Berkman Klein Center's Lumen site. The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society is a project of Harvard Law School. The Center collaborates with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the law schools of the University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley on the Lumen archive of cease and desist notices. Lumen includes millions of notices.

Many of the notices archived on the site are Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaints. The DMCA criminalizes the use of technical services to circumvent copyrighted material. Lumen also archives notices related to trademarks; patents; trade secrets; the EU Right to Be Forgotten; and requests from courts and law enforcement.

The database indicates the date of each notice; the sender; the recipient; a description of the content; the urls for the protected content; and the urls of the offending content.

Lumen can assist with the creation of DMCA counter notifications. After an ISP takes down alleged infringing content, a counter notification may lead to the information being made available again after 14 days.

Google voluntarily submits notices it receives to Lumen.

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