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Map Data Visualizations with Power BI

Microsoft has developed business analytics software, Power BI, which can create data visualizations. You can download a trial version here.

The Shape Maps tool can help you compare different regions on a map.

1. Under File > Options and Settings > Options, check off Shape Map Visual.

Power BI will have to restart.

2. When it does, click the Shape Map icon and an template will appear.

3. Click on it and a custom map can be created with TopoJSON map file The Offices of the United States Attorneys posts data for the federal district courts. Microsoft has done litigation support professionals everywhere a favor and posted shape map demo file here based on this data which you can use to explore Power BI capabilities.

4. The maps shows data for each federal judicial district's total collected debt and the number of debts that are cancelled. If you right click on any one judicial district you can create an analysis of the data trend in recent years.

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