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Task Scheduler

Windows 7 users, don't miss the application called Task Scheduler which comes pre-installed with the operating system.

If you're tried of relying on Outlook to give you reminders of your daily appointments, you can enter alerts in Task Scheduler, which will give you an alert in a Windows message dialog box.

Just go to the Start Menu and type in task scheduler. The application should appear and you just need to click on it to open it. Go to Action . . . Create Task.

On the general tab of the dialog box that opens, enter a name for the task. Then move to the trigger tab.

Click on 'New' and then choose 'On a schedule' from the Begin the task drop down menu at the top. Then enter a specific date and time.

Next, go to the Action tab and click 'New'. Select 'Display a message' in the Action drop down menu, and enter an appropriate message.

At the specified time, the message you designated will appear.

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