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Combining Deposition Video Clips in Trial Director

Trial Director allows video clips to be prepared of designated deposition testimony, where either each page and line range is a separate individual clip, or each range is a separate segment in a single video clip. If you've gone ahead and input each page and line range in an individual clip, but subsequently need to merge the clips together you can do so without laboriously creating a new clip for each range.

1. Separate clips previously created will be listed on the Transcript Manager tab.

2. Click on the Case Library tab and then expand the Transcripts folder. The video clips will be shown.

3. Right click on Workbooks in Workbook Explorer, and select Create New Workbook . . .MultiPlayer

4. Drag the clips down to the new workbook.

5. Right click on the new workbook, and select Send Workbook Contents To . . .Multiplayer Video file

6. A wizard will then export all of the videos to a single .mpg file with a separate .smi file for subtitles.

Unfortunately, Trial Director doesn't give you a way to do the opposite - take a video clip with lots of segments and export each as a separate .mpg file. I confirmed this with Ipro tech support today.

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