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Stingray trackers

Be aware that government and law enforcement agencies, as well as some private organizations or individuals, operating in a legal gray zone, may be use 'Stingray' phone trackers to intercept cellular phone communications.

The devices can intercept International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) signals. They mimic wireless cell phone towers and force mobile phones to connect to them. The Stingray devices can be used to conduct denial of service attacks; detect the content of communications; and determine the location of cell phone users.

Stingray devices work by forcing cellular devices to communicate with them by sending out a stronger signal than actual cell sites in the immediate area. Journalists have reported, that Stingrays have been used frequently by local police departments and the FBI to track down criminal suspects.

Hand held stingray devices may be referred to as a 'Kingfish' device, and are often carried in patrol vehicles. Stingray and Kingfish are brand names used by the Harris Corporation.

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