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OneNote Screen Grab Trick

OneNote is one of the standard applications for MS Office - but perhaps the most rarely used. I have have lived with is purple N icon resting in my taskbar and only pondered its purpose in a few passing idle moments. OneNote is designed to allow Windows users to compose and exchange notes among one another. It may or may not be living up Microsoft's grand vision for it, but OneNote can serve a useful purpose of anyone on a daily basis.

If you're like me you've long found occasion to use the PRTSC button to add graphic elements to your emails and presentations. A full screen grab can be cropped in PowerPoint, or you can use application like SnagIt to select a specific portion of a screen. If you have OneNote installed you can select a rectangular area of a screen without going to the trouble of installing specialized software.

Press the Windows key + S and you should see your screen be covered with a translucent white shade and your cursor change into a crosshair. (It may be necessary to open OneNote before doing this for the first time, but this should not be necessary in subsequent logins to Windows) Click and drag the area you want to capture.

After releasing the click button a new window should open giving you the option to copy the selected area to your clipboard.

Now you can paste the select area where you need it.

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