Batch File to Merge Text Files Listing Source File Names

The Tip of the Night for January 15, 2016, explained how to use the %f command in Windows to merge multiple text files together. Tonight's tip uses code to merge multiple text files together but also include a reference to name of each source text file.

In a folder containing your source text files, put the following code in a text file and change the extension to 'bat'.

@echo off for /r %%i in (*.txt) do ( if not %%~nxi == output.txt ( echo %%~nxi >> output.txt type "%%i" >> output.txt echo. >> output.txt echo. >> output.txt ) )

So if we have a folder of text file like this one:

. . . we can use the command to generate . . .

. . . a single output text file which lists first the source file names (the electroclash bands) followed by the contents (the band member names).

Thanks to Sylvvester for posting this code here.