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Using SUMIF with Tables as an alternative to VLOOKUP

You can use the SUMIF formula as an alternative to VLOOKUP when working with tables in Excel. SUMIF makes it easy to set two different fields in the table as the search criteria.

In order to set up a table in Excel go to Insert . . .Table and select the required range of data.

After you have a table created, you can always look up the names of any existing tables by pressing CTRL + G.

The structure of a SUMIF formula is quite simple. First enter the field from the table that you want to extract data from, and then enter the references to the fields you are search for hits in. Since the data has been entered in a table, we can enter the field names rather than column letters.


In this example, we're searching for the names of baseball players and season years in order to determine how many hits Ed Delahanty and Dan Brouthers got between 1888 and 1896.

SUMIF has a limitation - it cannot be used to return text without an adjustment . . .

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