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Nirsoft has another great utility you can download, called PSTPassword. PST archives employ very weak encryption. PSTPassword can identify three passwords which can open a .pst archive. Microsoft did not use a strong MD5 or SHA1 hash value, but instead employed a CRC32 algorithm which can be cracked with more than one password.

Nirsoft has posted a list of 17 passwords which will be interpreted as a CRC value in an Outlook .pst archive:

  • eyzVS1

  • tHPuT3

  • 5J8j84

  • EvIoh4

  • TGcLo6

  • JeX2N7

  • 1Rj78C

  • nr9VuE

  • CNQp0J

  • pLMtUP

  • O0fc8Q

  • NaE3OT

  • ArTniW

  • z7s4mm

  • YUfCxp

  • yZUzCu

  • 5kfzQx

If the password for your .pst file is one of these, the second time you try to enter the password, Outlook won't prompt you to enter a password.

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