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Removing blank rows from the end of a worksheet

Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time parsing data in Excel knows the frustration of not being able to quickly get to end of a worksheet after you've deleted a lot for rows and columns. You may get stuck doing a lot of scrolling back to the left, or scrolling back up to where the data ends. You can solve this problem by deleting and clearing rows and columns, and then saving the spreadsheets, but this can be a little time consuming, and I've also gotten inconsistent results.

Excel 2016 (and some earlier versions, I believe) have an easier solution for this problem. Go to File . . . Options . . . Add-ins and then select 'COM Add-ins' in the Manage menu and click Go. You'll see you have the option to add the 'Inquire' tab to the Excel ribbon.

One of the options on this ribbon will be to 'Clean Excess Cell Formatting'.

Just click on this icon and you'll be prompted to clear out the blank cells at the ends of the active worksheet, or all worksheets.

Now when you press CTRL + END you should be brought to the last cell containing data.

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