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Cybint Cyber Security Protection Certification

Recently, I took and passed the Cybint Solutions course in Cyber Security Protection. Cybint is a BARBRI Group company. It offers certification programs in both cyber security protection and cyber intelligence. The CEO of Cybint is Roy Zur, who has given some excellent webinars for ACEDS, that I've discussed in the past. The course consists of ten presentations on the following subjects:

Introduction to Cyber Protection

Cyber Crimes Accounts, Credentials and Identity Thefts

Security - Wares, Viruses and Attacks

Social Engineering

Safe Browsing

Wi-Fi Security

Mobile Security

Hardware Exploits

Privacy Essentials

A detailed curriculum course for the cyber security is posted here. Each presentation consists of perhaps 20 to 40 slides, which themselves usually don't show don't convey a lot of information with text or graphics. Most of the what you learn is discussed by a narrator. This course is not particularly challenging. While I did learn a lot about cyber security I had not known previously, none of what was presented was hard to understand. This is the kind of course that doesn't require a lot of studying. If you pay attention to the presentations and then go over each section one or two times, you should be able to pass the final exam.

In order to help prepare for the exam I created a deck of flash cards in Quizlet, which is publicly accessible. My set has 414 cards which cover each section of the course. I omitted cards for some topics I was already familiar with, but I think this flash card set is fairly comprehensive. Search for, "Cybint Solutions Certification in Cyber Security Protection - Litigation Support Tip of the Night".

There are quizzes at the end of each section, which are fairly easy to answer. The final exam consists of 10 multiple choice questions. A key thing to keep in mind about the exam, is that you'll need to access online tools discussed in the course in order to complete the test. No warning is given about this before the exam begins, and I was a little thrown by it since I didn't have a very fast internet connection at the time. A passing score is 60 per cent. You will be given three chances to pass the exam.

I'll post more soon about what I learned from the course, and on the Cybint toolkit that certification provides you access to.

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