WinRecovery makes available a free version of its WinUndelete program which helps recover deleted files. This is apparently a widely used program (I saw it referenced in a recent judicial decision, and the site touts it as, "the leading undelete software for deleted files recovery".

It allows specific file types to be targeted.

The recovered files are saved in a folder selected by the user, but it should be one located on a different drive. Obviously only the files which have not been overwritten can be recovered, but I can't say that based on how the trial version performed the software seems very effective. When I tried searching for .pdf and .xlsx files (I've certainly deleted many of both on my laptop) it came up with zero results. WinUndelete was able to find thousands of system files. The trial version does not actually allow you recover the deleted files it detects.

The Tokiwa software that was the subject of the Tip of the Night for May 30, 2015, functions much slower than WinUndelete.