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Bulk export emails from Outlook named with specified metadata fields

Some software developers in Ireland have developed a very handy tool for anyone responsible for handing the review of Outlook email data. Outlook True Archive,, is a standalone application that will allow you bulk export email messages from a specific folder in Outlook and use specific metadata fields in the file name. It's available for download here, A license costs $20, but there's also a trial version which will export 10 emails at a time.

As you can see from the below screen grab it will generate a list of the folders in a selected Outlook profile. You can filter by date ranges, authors, recipients, subjects, and attachment file sizes.

In order to set the fields to use in the file names of the exported messages, click on the cog wheel in the upper right and select the 'Message Export' tab. You have a variety options for the file name - the sent, received & creation dates and times; the author, recipients, and subject names.

You can export in .msg; .html; .eml, .txt, or .tnef formats.

Click Start and the emails that are processed will look like this:

Note that it won't work with the 64 bit version of Outlook.

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