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SQL to Create Multiple Fields in an Access Database

It’s not necessary to enter fields one by one in an Access table.  You can run SQL script to add multiple fields automatically.   

First go to Create . . . Query Design and open a new query design.  In the View menu on the left select  SQL View.   Enter the ALTER command to add fields to an existing table followed by ADD COLUMN and the new names & data types.  See this example:

ALTER TABLE Table1 ADD COLUMN yearID Memo, lgID Memo, teamID Memo, franchID Memo, divID Memo, Rank Memo, G Memo, Ghome Memo, W Memo, L Memo, DivWin Memo, WCWin Memo, LgWin Memo, WSWin Memo, R Memo, AB Memo, H Memo, 2B Memo, 3B Memo, HR Memo, BB Memo, SO Memo, SB Memo, CS Memo, HBP Memo, SF Memo, RA Memo, ER Memo, ERA Memo, CG Memo, SHO Memo, SV Memo, IPouts Memo, HA Memo, HRA Memo, BBA Memo, SOA Memo, E Memo, DP Memo, FP Memo, name Memo, park Memo

Click the floppy disk icon to save the query, then just double click it on the Query list to run it. 

In the table design view you’ll see a list of new fields like this. 

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