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Collection from Mobile Devices with Radio Tactics

When tasked with collecting data from a mobile device try to find a vendor that uses an advanced device like Radio Tactics' Aceso. The Aceso device allows data to be extracted from cell phones and GPS devices.

Aceso will help analyze photos, call registers, and even social media data, capturing key meta data like geotags. A report will organize text message threads with a field that indicates whether or not they were read. It functions with an interface that allows non-expert users to collect data from a smartphone in less than 20 minutes. Radio Tactics has a field version of its product called Athena.

Radio Tactics supplies a variety of cables that work with different smart phones.

The devices allow for keyword and hash value searching, and can assist with bypassing iOS and Android passwords. Radio Tactics' toolkit comes with a SIM card reader. If a SIM card is removed from a phone inserted in the reader and then attached to the Athena, all data on the card can be collected in under a minute. The Athena includes a camera that can take photos and video of mobile device evidence.

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