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Video Snippet Time in TextMap

If you're using a version of Lexis TextMap earlier than version 7, you may not have the option to export a list of the video snippets that have been created that shows the duration of each one. This can pose a problem when you need to quickly determine the length of time playing back deposition designations in court will take up.

The latest versions of Lexis TextMap, Sanction, CaseMap, and TimeMap can be downloaded here:

As shown in this screen grab, in version 9 of TextMap, under File . . . Export

. . . you can access a wizard which gives you the option to export the duration of annotations for video clips, an option which isn't there in the same wizard in versions before TextMap 7. A resulting .csv file will contain the length of each clip in a new column, and you can run a simple formula in Excel to get the total duration of the designated testimony.

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