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Use software to optimize your office copier/printer's performance

Almost all  modern office copiers double as networked printers and many of these can also handle assembly of document sets - such as the insertion of slip sheets and tabs used in binders.  

I've worked with a Canon Image Runner for a long time to expedite the creation of sets of tabbed documents.  While it's possible to use blank PDFs as placeholders for tabs and determine the location of the tabs in a print job using tools like PDF Page Counter  and Excel's filters and formulas, you may have even more luck with software designed to work with machines like the Image Runner.  The settings under properties don't allow you to simultaneously insert tabs and slip sheets in a job. 

Here we see that we can specify insert sheet settings.   However when pages for tabs are entered, the references for slip sheets will be overwritten.  

You can get around this problem by downloading the software designed to work with Image Runners for which a 60 day free trial is available. 

The Document Binder application of the suite of software will create tab placeholders automatically.   It displays each page in a set of PDFs and let syou specify different drawers as the source for particular pages.  This makes it possible to create tabbed sets with slip sheets dividing multiple docs behind a tab. 

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