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Back-up with Windows 7

If you're running Windows 7, and you need to back up your PC, be sure to use the operating system's built-in back-up tool.

1. Go to the Control Panel and search for 'back up'. Simply Select 'Back up your computer'.

2. You'll be prompted to select an external hard drive that you can back up the data to.

3. Windows gives two options. Either it will automatically select certain data files to back-up and create a system image, or you can select the files you want to backup. If you choose the automatic option Windows may only back-up the files in the 'Libraries' These are the 'Documents'; 'Music'; 'Picture'; and 'Videos' folders which appear at the top of the folder list in Windows Explorer.

Note that Windows won't back up files using the FAT file system. Temporary files and files in the recycle bin are also not backed up.

If you're like me you may have files scattered all over your PC, so you're better off selecting the 'Let me choose' option. This option also allows you to create a system image.

4. The backup process may take hours, depending on how long it is since you did your last backup. You can schedule the back to take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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