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Get a list of files in a zip file

The Tip of the NIght for July 26, 2015 recommended using Stuffit as an alternative to the file compression program, WinZip. While the Tip of the Night for March 18, 2016 showed how to install an add-in for WinZip that would let you use a Windows command to get a list of the files in a zip file, the Stuffit application has an easier way to get a list of files in a container file.

Zip files can be opened in StuffIt. When you have a zip file or native .sitx file open in Stuffit you can go to Archive . . . Archive Manifest . . . , you'll see that you have the option to either print out a list of the contents, copy the contents to your clipboard, or save the list as a text file.

As you can see the contents can easily be parsed out in an Excel spreadsheet.

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