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New E-Filing Protocol

Suffolk County in New York State (the easternmost county on Long Island) recently issued a new protocol for electronic filing which can be found here. Electronic filing is mandatory in the county. In order to file, attorneys have to log into the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System here. Parties not represented by an attorney are exempted. The protocol makes provisions for cases commenced in hard copy form to be converted to electronic filing. The protocol specifically states that the County Clerk may reject filings submitted in hard copy which are not subject to any exemptions. Documents are not deemed officially filed until the filing fee has been paid.

Filers are made responsible for the disclosure of any personal confidential information. The NYSCEF has a special 'Refile This Document' link for filings which are being re-submitted. The county clerk is specifically barred from printing working copies of electronically filed documents. Exhibits have to be uploaded as separate PDFs. Discovery materials cannot be filed electronically. When filing documents for a judgment, the proposed judgment, Bill of Costs, Judgment Creditor Affidavit, Stipulation of Discontinuance, General Release and Proof of Tender must be submitted as separate PDFs.

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