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PowerPoint Motion Paths

Most MS Office are users are probably familiar with the PowerPoint's basic animation features which allow objects to fly in from the left, grow and expand from the center of the slide, and so forth. It's also possible to set specific motion paths for objects.

If you right click on an object, select the Animation tab, Add Animation, More Motion Paths . . ., you will see that you have the option to set several different types of paths for the object.

You can select the motion path that you add to the object and expand or contract it on the slide.

If you select an object, you'll see that it appears in a list of animated objects to the right. Right click on an item in that list and you'll see you have the ability to modify Effect Options.

It's possible to set the duration of the animation and also on the Timing tab how many times you want the animation to repeat.

You can also set custom animation for an object while you have it selected from the Animation Pane list. You can simply draw the path you want the object to follow on the slide.

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