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Get a list of all programs running in Windows

You can use a simple Powershell command - get-process - to get a list of all programs that are currently running on a Windows PC. Simply opening the PowerShell ISE (Intergrated Scripting Environment) and typing in the console pane:


. . . will generate a list of programs currently running and give you information on how much memory they are using. [If you are running Windows 7 or later PowerShell ought to be already installed.] You can use this more specific command to get more practical information about running software:

Get-process |Select-Object name, fileversion, productversion, company

Appending the script with an export command like this:

Get-Process | Select-Object name, fileversion, productversion, company | Export-Csv test.csv

. . . will output the results to an Excel .csv file that you can find in the user's default folder at C:\Users

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