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Scrolling Text Boxes on PowerPoint Slides

Tonight's tip shows how to insert a scrolling text box on a PowerPoint slide.

Go to File . . . Options . . . Customize Ribbon, and on the right check off Developer. A new tab will appear. On the developer tab, in the Controls section, click on Active X text box - the one with ab| in a white box.

Use your cursor to draw a box on the slide and then with it selected, go back to the ribbon and select 'Properties'. Set ScrollBars to 2-fmScrollBarsVertical

Multiline to TRUE

. . . and enter the text you want in the Text field in the Data section.

If you want to add more text to the Active X text box, right click on it and select TextBox Object . . . Edit . Enter presentation mode and you'll see you can scroll up and down in the box.

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