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Bloomberg Legal Analytics

Bloomberg BNA [Bureau of National Affairs] has introduced a great new legal analytics site that can give you instant graphic profiles of the business of law firms; the legal affairs of business; and the decision history of federal judges.

Create an account for Bloomberg Law and visit the site here.

A interactive profile for a federal judge can easily be generated with:

1. Pie charts breaking down his or her history on granting or dismissing motions to dismiss or summary judgments, and being overturned on appeal in different case types that you designate.

2. Line graphs showing the average length of cases in different legal areas.

3. Bar graphs listing which kinds of cases, which law firms, and which companies come to the judge's court most often.

Company profiles can be customized to show litigation in particular date ranges, litigation areas, and jurisdictions - and further broken down to show only cases where the company was represented by one or more firms that you select.

Similarly law firm profiles can be created for specified date ranges, jurisdiction, and case types - as well as being limited to specific clients.

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