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Document Level Numbering with Adobe Acrobat

On this site, , you can find a guide to using an Adobe action to perform document level numbering on PDFs. The guide provides very detailed instructions, but here's a quick synopsis.

1. Open the attachments panel to the PDF (next to the thumbnails and bookmarks on the left) and download the action file with the .sequ extension. This is the document numbering action referred to in the Tip of the Night for August 31, 2015.

2. Just double-click on the .sequ and it should import into Adobe Acrobat.

3. You find the action in the Action Wizard section of the menu on the right. Double-click on it and a new dialog box will open.

4. Select the files you want to process and you will see this dialog box where you can select options to perform the document numbering.

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