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Electronic Discovery Institute - Certification for $1

If you're frustrated by the high cost of the electronic discovery certifications offered by the Organization of Legal Professionals and ACEDS, consider an alternative. The Electronic Discovery Institute offers online training for only the cost of a single dollar. See the EDI's Law Institute at . The institute's faculty includes Judge Magistrate Craig Shaffer (D. Colo.); Magistrate Judge John Facciola (Ret.) (D.D.C.); Magistrate Judge John Francis (S.D.N.Y.); Judge Paul Grimm (D. Md.); Magistrate Judge Ron Hedges (Ret.) (D.N.J.); Judge Nan Nolan (Ret.) (N.D. Ill.); Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck (S.D.N.Y.); and numerous other electronic discovery professionals.

You receive a membership which lasts a full year for the cost of $1. The electronic discovery course is composed of 17 modules thus far:

01 | An Introduction to the EDI Distance Learning Initiative 02 | Introduction to Information Technology: Collaboration & Workspaces 03 | Records & Information Management in an Organization 04 | Preservation Obligations & Formats 05 | Introduction to the Federal Rules 06 | Conducting Legal Holds 07 | Collection of Electronically Stored Information 08 | Budgeting & Project Management 09 | Building an eDiscovery Practice & Team 10 | Early Data Analysis & Data Reduction Strategies 11 | Litigation Data Management & Policies 12 | Privilege 13 | Federal Rule of Evidence 502 14 | Measuring Results: Surpassing Legal Compliance 15 | Search & Review of Electronically Stored Information 16 | Using Experts: Rule 30(b)(6) & Testimony 17 | Evidence & Authentication

. . . and 40 courses are planned overall.

You can achieve Discovery Practice Certification by completing and passing 40 core courses and 5 elective courses, and publishing an 800 article on an electronic discovery issue Each course consists of documentation in the form of a slide show presentation and a brief video webinar. The quality of the presentations is very high - akin to the format of television commercial for a legitimate law firm.

In additional to a brief quiz for each course, pop--up questions appear during the presentations to confirm your understanding of the subject. You must obtain a score of at least 70% for each quiz given on each subject. The EDI plans to update is curriculum every two years.

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