Limit Keyword Search to Beginning or End of the Document - Tip from Litigation Support Guru

Tonight, I'm going to share a tip from Amy Bowser-Rollins, whose site is one of the best education resources on the World Wide Web in the litigation support field. Amy is a great teacher, and she posts a new video 'fast tip' each Friday.

Recently she posted a tip on how using dtSearch you can limit for search for a string to the beginning or end of files.

So in dtSearch if you want to limit your search to X number of words at the beginning or end of a file you can enter a search in this form:

litigation w/100 xfirstword

This feature, which I was unaware of, despite having used dtSearch in the past, can be a godsend when you are retrieving information from thousands of files, both for the accuracy of your results, and the speed with which you can obtain them.

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