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Finding files with paths longer than 255 characters

Back on October 10, 2015, the tip of the night showed how to copy files with paths longer than 255 characters using the subst command. Tonight's tip shows how to detect in a data set file paths that are (with the file names) longer than 255 characters. Remember Windows can handle file paths more than 255 characters. It's Windows Explorer that can't copy files with such paths.

Replsoft puts out a series of utilities that assist with editing challenges. 'Cut Long Names' is available for download at this site: . You just download one executable file in a zip file. Run it and just select a folder that you want to search. Filter for files with certain extensions and set the minimum length of the file paths (plus names) that you want returned.

You'll get a list of results and the Replsoft utility will automatically create new shorter names that you can direct it to implement.

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