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If you're working on a case involving medical records, and you want to view CT scans (or X-ray computed tomography scans) and you're running Windows. consider downloading and installing RadiAnt DICOM viewer. See this site where a freeware version is available.

My own experience indicates that people in the medical profession may be more likely to use Apple computers, and consequently use the OsiriX viwer for Cat scans. Often medical professionals that do CT scanning will transfer the imaging data on discs - rather than transferring it across networks In cases where such images are relevant be sure to try to collect such electronic media.

Some of the applications to review these images, including RadiAnt will have an option to view the data anonymously. In RadiAnt to remove displayed personal metadata you just need to press SHFT + F12, for click on the 'A' from the toolbar and choose 'Hide Patient Data'.

My own experience with an otolaryngologist indicates that the key to using such software is to adjust the Cine (or Space) setting in RadiAnt which in essence takes you through different cross sections of your body. This is activating by clicking on the video camera icon on the toolbar.

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