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Lexis LAW PreDiscovery - Grid Displays

Lexis LAW contains some useful features for manipulating data displayed in the grid view of query results. Note that different options are displayed in the standalone grid that are not available in the embedded grid for query results. If you filter down the results to certain selected values you can get a quick count of the total number of documents and pages in the selection by going to View . . . Doc/Page Totals.

To export a list of text files generated by the system for the purposes of transferring the data to another system, go to Tools . . . Build Control List. A text file will be created with the Beg Bates number (or if that has not been entered, the Doc ID number) and a path to existing location of the text file, or a new location that you choose to copy the text files to.

Note that by default Lexis limits the number of text files that can be exported at one time to a 1000. You can change this setting by editing the 'law50.ini' at the root of the program folder. You either enter or change the value, "ControlListFileLimit=1000" in the Summation section.

LAW is also capable of exporting email messages to an Outlook .pst folder. It will export messages and their attachments that originated in such an archive, or loose .msg or .eml files. However LAW will not able to export messages for the purpose of exporting to .pst archive that have been moved since they were imported into LAW.

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