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Lexis LAW PreDiscovery - Fields & Folders

If you want to change the default fields for a new case in LAW, edit the 'Default.xml' file saved at C:\Program Files (x86)\Law50\Templates . If you open this .xml file in a text editor like NotePad ++ you can just copy down the information between <Field1> and the second reference to <Field1> and modify the values as needed. There is a field type option that works by references to numbers. Text is 0 and Memo is 3.

LAW functions like Access in that a text field can only be 255 characters, but the Memo field any be any length but is not indexed. Be careful when you alter the field types. If you change a date field to a text field any invalid dates will be erased.

If you want to set up a series of values to choose from in a field, go to Index . . . Modify Fields . . . choose a field that is type 'List' and choose Edit List from the top toolbar. You will then be able to import a long list of values. Just save a text file listing the values you need with simple returns, and change the extension to '.lst'.

There's also an option to 'Add all new list field values to list on update' under Tools . . . Option . . . Preferences, that will update the drop down list for field with any entries made during coding.

Fields in LAW must be on one of three levels. PageID gets applied to individual pages (e.g., header, footer, page color, etc.); DocID is for documents (Author, Recipient, DocTitle), but not specific pages; Extended table data are meta data values created for documents during the import process into LAW.

Note that by default LAW will process folders in alphabetical order. A series of folders can be created by going to Folder . . .Auto Create N Folders .

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