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Get a list of the files in a Zip File

If you have a set of compressed files in a WinZip file you may find yourself wishing that there was an easy way to get a list of the files in the folders without having to go through the often time consuming process of extracting them to a location on your hard drive. if you have the latest version of WinZip installed, you can begin by installing the WinZip Command Line Add-on at, . Then go to the folder containing the zip file you need to review and press CTRL + SHFT + right click and select 'Open Command Window here'. You need to enter the file path to the WZZIP.exe command line application (in quotes) which should have been copied to the folder for WinZip in the Program Files folder on your C drive. Then enter the command -vb [for view brief] , then the file name followed by ">logfile.txt" to write the data to a text file. It should look something like this:

"C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZZIP.EXE" -vb >logfile.txt

. . . a text file will be automatically generated listing all of the file names and file sizes in the zip file.

See the description of this process on this page,

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