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Outlook Attachment Remover

After the conclusion of a case, you may face a dilemma when called upon to delete copies of documents produced by an opposing party or a third party. Inevitably attorneys will have emailed around PDFs or native files of produced documents hundreds of times. You can search for attachments using the bates prefix of the productions you need to target for destruction (see the Tip of the Night for March 5, 2016) by entering:

attachments: "XYZ"

The search will bring up emails attaching documents produced by the XYZ company, but these messages may also contain a lot of other attachments you'd prefer to retain. What you want to do is to strip out all of the attachments to a folder on your hard drive, so you can sort them by the file name and then just delete confidential documents which must be discarded under a protective order. In order to accomplish this, download, and install Kopf's Outlook Attachment Remover add-in at, .

It appears as shown in this screen grab on the Add-ins tab:

. . . select emails that come up in your search for a bates prefix, and then click on the add-in.

This window will appear. As you can see you have the option of replacing the attachments with either links, or text references in the emails. Outlook Attachment Remover also will rename additional versions of attachments with the same file name.

After the attachments have been removed, a .lnk link file will remain that will have an icon looking very much like the original attachment.

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