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Laptops are Super Cheap These Days

If you're like me and you invested in an expensive laptop with lots of VRAM for graphic presentations which works great, but isn't so portable, it may be time to consider investing in an easier to carry laptop. Prices for new laptops are very low these. I just purchased a Asus laptop with a 11.6 inch screen which can be bought here for less than $150. It only weights 2 pounds and is listed as getting 12 hours of battery life. I am using it right now and I have not encountered any problems. The widespread use of tablets and smartphones means that manufacturers have no choice but to slash prices. But having a keyboard and a Windows operating system lets you do so much more. I'm sure having a top of the line Surface Pro would be nicer, but for the money you could afford to get a new one of these laptops every year. Note that the Asus laptop referenced above is a reconditioned device.

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