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Combine All Text Files Open in NotePad++

This web page, has a handy little plug-in for NotePad ++ that allows you to combine multiple text files currently open in NotePad ++.

A. Simply download the .dll file posted to the web page and save it in this folder on your PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

. . . or whatever folder you have installed Notepad++ in.

B. You can open multiple text files in NotePad++ by simply going to File . . . Open and CTRL selecting as many as you need. See in Fig. 1 how we have two text files open in Notepad++.

C. Go to Plugins . . . Combine . . . Start.

D. A new dialog box will open. Check off the appropriate boxes if you want the file name added at the beginning of each file's text, and if you want a dividling line added after this file name, and/or at the end of the file's text.

E. Click okay and a new tab will be generated in NotePad++ with the combined text of all of the files.

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