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Smart Draw

I've used a number of applications to create diagrams for courtroom demonstratives, including Visio, TimeMap, PowerPoint, and MindMap. But I'm particularly impressed with the Smart Draw application for the detail of the templates it provides, and the types of template which may be useful for the litigation support professional.

The legal section not only includes various templates of crime scenes, traffic & accident diagrams, it also has autopsy reports, juvenile detention assessment forms, discovery procedure and trial preparation procedure charts, estate planning checklists, and many more diagrams specifically designed for the legal field. There is a large group for paralegal responsibilities and assignments.

There are numerous templates for different kinds of network systems.

Note the range of different icons for various kinds of servers.

There's also several options for organizational charts . . .

. . . and timelines.

There are a variety of other templates (fully editable with a range of schematic options) including PC System inventory forms; decision trees for company mergers and project management; and detailed anatomical illustrations.

A free, seven day trial version of Smart Draw can be downloaded. It operates as a SaaS application.

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