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Excel's Format Painter

Just a simple little Excel tip tonight. When you have a spreadsheet with varied formatting for different rows, and you enter a new column with a new formula, you may lose the formatting detail that you need.

1. See in Fig. 1 we have this spreadsheet where each team from the National League is 1900 in shaded a different color.

2. We insert a new column in order to calculate the total extra base hits, add in a simple addition formula (J2 +K2+L2), and then pull it down by pressing CTRL + D. The trouble is the shading of the top cell gets copied down too.

3. Select a column with the correct formatting and then go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click on 'Format Painter'.

4. Now click on the heading for the column that you want to add the formatting detail to and it will get painted to the colors you want.


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