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PDFsam - free PDF Editor

If you're looking for a free, open source application for editing PDF files, consider installing PDFsam. The SAM stands for 'Split and Merge'. The software can be downloaded here, .

When installing the enhanced version of the application you may want to to unselect the options to send feature use information to PDFsam and make it your default PDF application. See Fig. 1.

The software allows you to both merge multiple PDFs together, bulk rotate multiple PDFs, and split them up by specified pages or bookmarks. See Fig. 2. It does not allow for editing the content of PDFs.

PDFsam also includes an unusual feature which is very helpful when preparing PDFs for e-filings. You can select a PDF and then break it up into segments based on a maximum file size in MB. So if a court requires that individual PDFs not exceed 10 MB, you'll have an easy way to split them up into the separate files that you need. See Fig. 3.

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