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Add-In for Word to Add Together Word Files

See this site, for a Add-in for MS Word that will alow you to combine multiple Word, .txt files, or .rft files into a single Word document. Graham Mayor's web page for this particular Add-in provides detailed instructions on how to install and run it. An example of a scenario in which you could make use of this Add-in would be if you wanted to review the text of multiple PDFs for which you had to retain the formatting. First just run an action in Acrobat to save the text of all of the PDFs to rft files. Once the Word files were all collected in a single document, you could use Word's Find and Replace tool to pare down the text to just the entries you're focusing on - if you just want to collect bold faced headings from a group of PDFs you could find and replace all of the regular formatted text.

To get started you simply copy the .dotm file in the zip file that's downloaded from Graham Mayor's site, to the start-up folder in Word. In Word 2010, to find the startup folder, go to File . . . Options . . . Advanced - scroll down and select File Locations and look in the list for the Startup folder. Click 'Modify' and copy the file path to the folder. Then just add the .dotm file in Explorer to the Start-up folder. Restart Word.

Look for a new tab in the Word ribbon named, 'Insert Documents'. Select the 'Insert Documents' icon and a dialog box will open that you allow you to select folders containing the Word documents that you want to process. You need to enter some kind of signifier in the Button text box. Click 'Update Settings', and then just click 'Hide this Dialog' for the next dialog box that comes up. In the next dialog box you'll see a button named with the signifier you selected. The list of files in the folder will load, and you can select some or all. Then just click OK to merge the documents together.

Graham Mayor's site is a little treasure trove of utilities to use with Word. Check them out at .

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