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Chrome Remote Desktop

Next, install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your smartphone. I tested in on my iPhone. I opened the app, and logged into the same Google account I was using in the Chrome browers on my PC. The app identified the name of my PC. When I clicked on that I was prompted to enter the PIN, and doing so immediately brought up an image of the desktop of my home PC. See Fig. 2. I was not using a WIFI connection on my phone at the time.

I did not have the same success when choosing the option to share my PC in the Remote Assistance section, which generates an access code for the other user to enter.

While there is occasionally some time lag between commands entered on the smart phone app and what appears on the remote computer, usually the two simultaneously synch up. When working on your smart phone you need to find the cursor and move it around, rather than simply pressing on the area of the remote PC's screen that you want to be on - an unnatural motion on a smart phone. Just double tap on the smart phone screen to mimic a mouse click. The Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS also includes a keyboard option (see Fig. 3), and CTRL ALT DEL function.

If you set up a special Google account that you use just to share with attorneys, this can be a means to remotely support them when they call with software problems no matter where you happen to be.

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