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Jeb Bush's Damn Emails

On one of the webinars which took place on December 1, 2015, the famous TAR expert Ralph Losey recommended making use of Jeb Bush's email archives. It seemed like a good option, if you're tired of working with the Enron email data set (see the Tip of the Night for August 7, 2015). Jeb's email archives were made publicly available here: . While the archives were downloaded and utilized by Losey, Jeb had some trouble removing social security numbers, phone numbers, and other confidential information before the emails were first posted. Bush 3.0 should be following The Litigation Support Tips of the Night like this one if he wants to avoid problems like this. There are still links on Jeb's site for Outlook .pst folders in compressed .rar files, but clicking on them will just send you to a page with this message:

This page previously included raw .PST data files provided by the Florida Department of State. We were informed that some personal information was available in the raw data so we removed these files. Please contact the Florida Department of State with any questions or public records request. You may still read these emails on the email calendar link, where we have redacted

personal information we have been able to locate.

The emails from which CPI has been redacted are still available in web based form, but you can no longer dowload them in bulk for easy analysis. Doubtlessly the email archives have been copied elsewhere, so be cautious about utilizing the data if you come across it. If you're a Democrat this eDiscovery screw-up by Governor Bush is good ammunition to use against Republicans who rant on and on about Hillary's damn emails.

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